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Baby steps! Navigating a house move with your little one

This week our story features our friend Bruce the bear as he embarks on the great adventure of moving house!


Moving house or a change of living circumstances can mark the start of a brand-new adventure but... can also cause a lot of stress! Moving house, according to a survey by Legal and General; is the most stressful life event for both men and women (51% and 62% respectively). Add some bundles of joy bouncing in and out of boxes and you’ve got a lot to deal with! So, we’ve thought of some helpful tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the years that might be handy for you too!


·       Plan Plan Plan!

This might sound a little obvious but the key to moving with a little one is to plan the move as best as you can. This way you can work around naps or feeds in advance, or give yourself ample time to arrange child care if possible


·       If your little one is old enough to understand the change, get them involved in some fun decisions! From a decision as big as choosing rooms to something small like where to put their toy box, getting your little one involved will make them feel a part of the experience, as well as creating memories you can all share

·       Food prepared in advance! Take the time to meal prep, even if it is only for one night. After a long day of unpacking, the last thing you will want to do is cook, so make something quick and easy to reheat

·       Involve your little one using stories about the move. Talking about the decision as positively as possible and including them in your conversations will make the idea of moving far more familiar to your little one, bringing them comfort.

·       Have a bag of comforts for the journey / stay over

If you are travelling far or just want that first night to go as smoothly as possible, packing a bag of the essentials for your little one is, well, essential! Their favourite blanket, cuddly toy or book will go a long way in making your new place feel like home!

Packing a box of their favourites will also make it far easier to find when you get to the new place, meaning you can start settling in as soon as possible

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