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Unveiling the Story Sense Franchise: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you passionate about stories, kids, and creating a positive impact in your community? Joining the Story Sense franchise might just be the perfect opportunity for you. As the curiosity around this exciting franchise continues to grow, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide potential franchisees through the journey of becoming a part of the Story Sense family.

1. What does becoming a franchisee mean?

Becoming a franchisee with Story Sense means stepping into the role of a business owner armed with a proven blueprint for success. You'll have the freedom to run your

own business within a designated territory, choosing flexible work hours that suit your lifestyle. This venture is backed by the support of the head office, providing guidance on various aspects of the business.

Your key responsibilities as a franchisee include:

  • finding and choosing suitable venues

  • teaching engaging classes

  • marketing your business effectively

  • keeping your class schedule updated.

The all-inclusive booking system provided simplifies the management of locations and bookings, allowing you to focus on creating memorable experiences for your clients.

2. How long has Story Sense been running?

Story Sense has been weaving its magic since December 2017, steadily growing in success. The franchise opportunity was launched in June 2022 and has expanded from Glasgow to South Devon, with franchisees spanning the geographical expanse in between. The current phase offers an exciting prospect to join with a competitive initial investment price, covering kit and marketing package costs.

3. Do I need previous experience or qualifications?

No prior experience or specific qualifications are required to become a Story Sense franchisee. The franchise provides a comprehensive training program with ongoing support. The only prerequisites are a love for stories, a passion for working with families, babies, and toddlers, an outgoing and fun personality comfortable with being in the spotlight, motivation to run your own business, and a keen interest in child development and teaching.

4. What can I expect as a return on the initial fee?

Whether you choose to run the franchise part-time or full-time, the Story Sense franchise is designed to be rewarding based on your effort and dedication. The training package includes assistance in setting up your social media pages and learning effective marketing strategies to help grow your business. Franchisees also have the option to expand by hiring additional teachers and offering a range of services based on their interests and expertise. The sky's the limit when it comes to earnings, all determined by your own drive for success.

5. Can I balance this with family life?

Absolutely! Story Sense is committed to making the franchise accessible for all parents. The flexibility of scheduling classes allows franchisees to tailor their work hours to fit seamlessly into their family life. You can be present for every school drop-off, pick-up, play, and sports day, ensuring a harmonious balance between business and family commitments.

6. What is the initial investment?

The initial investment for joining the Story Sense franchise is £7995. This comprehensive package covers all necessary kit and equipment, training, digital resources, a marketing package, and ongoing support to kickstart your business. Additionally, the monthly license fee, payable to Story Sense HQ, is set at 10% of your earnings.

7. What type of training and support do you provide to franchisees, especially to those without prior experience in the children's activity sector?

Our comprehensive training program covers every aspect of running a successful children's activity franchise. From curriculum implementation to business operations, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary for franchisees to flourish. Regular workshops, webinars, and a dedicated support team ensure ongoing assistance, fostering a sense of community among our franchisees.

8. What is the average timeline for opening a children's activity franchise from signing the agreement to the actual launch?

From agreement to launch, time is of the essence, and we value the urgency of getting your children's activity franchise up and running. On average, the timeline from signing the franchise agreement to the grand opening typically spans 6 weeks. Our streamlined onboarding process aims to expedite this journey, ensuring that you're ready to engage and inspire young minds in no time.

9. What is the territory and exclusivity policy for franchisees with Story Sense?

We believe in empowering our franchisees with ample opportunities for success. Our territory policies are designed to provide exclusivity within a defined geographic area using postcodes, minimizing competition among franchisees. This strategic approach allows for better community engagement and growth prospects.

10. What sets your children's activity franchise apart from competitors in the market?

In a market teeming with children's activity franchises, what sets Story Sense apart? It's our commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and fostering a love for learning. Our carefully curated programs, uniquely written stories and props, and a team dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends make us stand out among the crowd.

11. How much flexibility do I have in customizing the franchise to suit the needs of my local community?

We understand that each community is unique, and what works in one area may need adjustments in another. That's why we offer a range of services for our franchisees to choose from to suit both your interests and local needs. This flexibility allows for a more personalized approach, creating stronger connections within the community.

What is the expected level of involvement and time commitment required from a franchisee?

Launching a children's activity franchise is undoubtedly an exciting venture, but it requires dedication. While the level of involvement can vary, we generally find that successful franchisees actively engage with their business. You will be expected to attend online trainings and updates as well as our annual conference.

Embark on a journey of storytelling, learning, and entrepreneurship by joining the Story Sense franchise. With a commitment to nurturing young minds and supporting franchisees every step of the way, Story Sense opens the door to a fulfilling and flexible business opportunity. Don't miss out on this chance to create a positive impact in your community while building a business that aligns with your passions and values.

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