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COVID Safe Classes

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How are we making sure we are in line with Government Guidelines?

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I have been reading and keeping up to date with all of the government guidelines and are making sure we are adhering to the latest version at all times. I have a whole new risk assessment (11 pages!) specifically written to allow us to work within guidelines safely.

I have also completed an accredited course on infection control with specific links to working within the COVID-19 pandemic. This course was designed by Mini First Aid and the Children's Activity Association.

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What will our classes look like?

Our classes have been really popular before, with lots of toys to interact with at the back of the room and some incredible equipment to explore at the front during the session. Unfortunately there will need to be lots of changes to our classes BUT they will still be just as incredible as before albeit in a different way. Watch the video below to see the new set up. 

Have a look at a mock set up for classes

What changes have been made?

  • No toys at the back. To ensure everyone's safety and following government guidance, no shared toys are allowed to be available. Therefore there will be no toys out at the back of the room, This also allows for more space to socially distance. 

  • Social distancing will be in place, with at least 2m between you and other families. 

  • One way systems will be in place at the venues where possible to maintain social distancing. 

  • You will have your own area, own mats and own equipment in a tray to use for the duration of the class. I won't hand out anything to you. Our stories will be adapted so there isn't any need to cross paths with others during the session. 

  • Extra cleaning is in place provided by the venues and all equipment, mats and contact points will be cleaned thoroughly by me between classes. 

  • Classes will be shorter. To allow for thorough cleaning of the venues in between, classes will be 45 minutes long. We will still have a 5 minute break for you to chat to others from your mats. 

  • No food (other than baby bottles) and minimal personal belongings will be allowed into the hall as per government guidelines. 

  • There will be NO messy play sessions to start with until we are settled into a new routine. 

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