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Unleash the Magic of Story Play with

Tuff Trays!

Challenge starts Monday 5th August 2024

Each day, you’ll receive creative tuff tray ideas based on a familiar book, turning simple play into a magical adventure. We’ll start by choosing a beloved children’s book that your child knows and loves. Using the themes, characters, and settings from the book, we’ll transform your tuff tray into an immersive play space. You’ll get detailed instructions and video demonstrations each morning, showing you how to recreate scenes, craft characters, and design props using everyday materials. By integrating storytelling with sensory play, your child will not only enjoy hours of fun but also develop their creativity, language skills, and imagination. The daily tuff tray activities will guide you step-by-step in creating a new element of the story, culminating in a rich, interactive play experience that brings the book to life in your own home. Engage with other families by sharing your setups and stories in our community group, where support and inspiration await!

Why should you join?

Quality Family Time: Strengthen your bond through shared storytelling and play.

Boost Creativity: Inspire your child’s imagination and storytelling skills.


Engaging and Fun: Easy, enjoyable activities that require minimal materials to keep your child entertained all summer.

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Screenshot 2024-07-07 161818.png

Meet Your Host

Nikita Dixon is a passionate educator and storyteller with over 12 years of experience in childhood development and creative play. With a background in primary education and supporting the Early Years, Nikita has dedicated her career to helping families nurture their children’s imagination and love for stories. She believes in the power of storytelling as a tool for learning and bonding and is excited to guide you through this exciting journey.

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