About Our Classes


Story Sense classes are fun and exciting, aimed at babies and toddlers from birth to 4 years. Each week we go on a new adventure through stories which have been written specifically for our classes and to support our sensory activities which aid your child's development. 

We aim to help develop all 5 senses through our classes using lights, music, movement based activities, instruments, smells, a food based messy week  and much more.


How are the classes structured?

When you first arrive, there are a range of age-appropriate toys to play with whilst everyone gets ready. Once settled, we begin the first half of the story, accompanied by three activities. Halfway through the session we take a ten minute break where you can return to the toys, read a story, feed or change your little one before joining us again for 3 further activities and the second half of the story. 

By following this set-up we support your little ones play - rest - play routine, supporting their development whilst not overwhelming them. Every session finishes with calming bubbles, preparing them for a well earned rest (hopefully!)

Whilst both age groups follow the same structure, the babies will want lots of interaction from you. The toddlers however will be doing most of the hard work! Their activities are designed to encourage independence, imagination and creativity. 

What classes are available?

Birth to Confidently walking

Confidently walking to 4 years

​What else do they gain from the classes?

  • Develop a love of stories

  • Social skills and friendship

  • Learning to share

  • Sensory and physical development

  • Confidence

  • Independence

  • Develop language and speech

  • Getting ready to read

  • Encourage imagination

What will you gain from the classes?

  • A safe space to chat to others about parenthood

  • New friendships

  • Time to bond with your little one

  • Have adult conversations

  • The chance to relax and watch your little one grow. 

  • Opportunities to ask questions about all things parenting